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5 Must Have Shots For Your Photographer

Every photographer has their own style and list of shots they would like to take. These include the classic and timeless photos every Mr. and Mrs. have from their special day. Photos such as family photos, first dance, the I Do's, and the cake cutting are all in the moment photos that every great photographer knows to capture. But there are a few shots that often get forgotten in all of the excitement, and photos that you will definitely be glad you asked the photographer to take. So here are a few of my favourite small detail shots that I believe every Bride and Groom should have to remember their big day.


5. The Rings

Although this one might seem obvious you would be amazed at how many times it is almost a forgotten shot. There are many ways to take this photo but my personal favourite is with the bride and groom wearing them with their hands placed gently atop each others.

4. The Champagne Flutes

Like the Rings this shot often gets forgotten as well. You will probably not drink out of them again until your anniversary, so best to remember them being used on the big day for their intended use. You can even combine the Ring shot with this photo and get 2 in one!

3. The Wedding Favours and Table Settings

Your guests get to take home little mementos of your big day but you have so many more important things to keep that little boxes of tea will just take up space! I find the best way to remember them without keeping things you don't need is to just have a nice photo of the table. Centrepieces, table numbers, and place settings are something you will be happy you are able to look back on, after all, a significant amount of work went into the planing, placing, designing, and assembling of them.

2. The Bride and Groom Getting Ready

Now we're not saying to get shots of the bride in her under garments (that is unless you would like one for a closed album) but photos of the Mother of The Groom helping him with his boutonnière or photos of the Bridesmaids helping lace up the back of the Brides dress. They are the last (nerve wracking) moments before they walk down the aisle and become Mr. and Mrs. Make sure to celebrate every part of the wedding and have photos to look back on.

1. The Full Dress In All Of Its Glory

Most photographs a Bride will receive are photos of her dress from far away or only half of it being in the photo. After your wedding you will probably either donate, pass down, or sell your wedding dress and you won't have the opportunity to enjoy every detail of the dress that made your day so special. Make sure to get photos of the back, the front, the train, the veil, and any little detail that adorns your dress (such as beading or intricate lace etchings). Trust me, you will be forever grateful that you took the time to document the special garment.

*Tip: Once you have sat down and figured out the exact photos that are a must for your big day make sure to not only give a copy to your photographer but to your of-day-coordinator as well. This insures that even if the photographer forgets or misses an item on the list you will have someone else to make sure they are being taken. Don't know where to begin? Look up different types of wedding photos on Pinterest for inspiration.

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